Equipment software (HeadMaster)
  The Arab Software Company offers its program within the Head Master group of programs (Head Master Equipment Rental Program), as the program includes all operations that take place on equipment and renting them, as well as reports on each piece of equipment within the institution. The program includes the accounting system for equipment, starting from the entry to the budget, as well as Make an account statement for any of the lessors or lessees of the equipment at any time, and the following is the technical presentation of the program
  The main screen  

Data entry of all equipment
  All equipment is entered within the institution and the data for each equipment separately, such as the rental price (day - hour), as well as the size of the equipment and the name of the owner of the equipment.
Enter all customers and suppliers  
  All customers and suppliers of the organization and the data of each customer or supplier, such as address, phone number and any other data, are entered.
  Rent or daily rental registration   
  One of the most important operations carried out by the program is the registration of the daily rent or rental of the equipment, where the number of days for which the equipment was rented or rented is entered, as well as the value of the daily wage for the equipment is entered, and the routes are entered, the number and the value of each trail, and the daily is posted at the expense of the customer or supplier Directly until an invoice is registered for the customer or supplier.

Register an invoice for customers and suppliers
  After entering the diaries of a specific customer or supplier, and in the event of a desire to issue an invoice for the customer, as well as posting the invoices on the account of the customer or supplier who rented or leased the equipment, the name of the customer or supplier is chosen.
The invoice is printed for the customer or supplier, and the invoices are of the following types: Rental invoice in Arabic or English.
Rental invoice in Arabic or English. Drop bill (total bill or per load).
Transaction report For customers and suppliers  
  In case of desire and at any time to make a movement list for any customer or supplier from the suppliers, it is directly entered on the screen of the movement list of customers or suppliers and entering the name of the customer or supplier whose movement is to be detected, then it is displayed and printed.
  Equipment maintenance   
  The maintenance of the equipment is entered so that the equipment that has been maintained is listed, as well as the type of malfunction of the equipment, and the parts that have been replaced are entered in the equipment.
  Administrative affairs of the company's employees   
  The program includes the administrative affairs of the company, where the data of all employees and drivers in the company, salary and overtime data, deductions and vacations are entered, along with a comprehensive report on the employees' salaries.

  Company accounts   
  It includes accounting items as follows: - Accounts tree, manual entry, company's exchange vouchers, account statement, entries table, company's receipt vouchers and many other accounting items.
  Program reports  
  1- Salary reports, including overtime, deductions, advances and absence reports.
2- Prepared rental reports.
3- Prepared rental reports.
4- Equipment maintenance reports.
5- Reports of equipment owners.
6- Drivers' reports. With many other technical features of the program. We welcome your suggestions regarding any technical requirements to be added to the program
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