Desktop System (HeadMaster)
  HeadMaster is one of the best accounting programs for Windows versions in the Arab countries, as it has been professionally configured to provide you with all uses in various commercial activities because it contains many capabilities and characteristics that make it better in managing all accounting works, because it is based on accounting rules that must be based on all Large and small institutions, and the conditions that must be met for the approval of the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority have been taken into account, as the acquisition of accounting software in your company has become necessary because of its great benefits in managing the business of any company, following up its accounts and providing accurate reports to assist decision makers in their work, and Most accounting programs have evolved to become more flexible to accommodate most of the existing activities from small activities such as managing a commercial store, i.e. large activities, and the prices of purchasing these programs have become within the reach of most companies, and here are some of their most important features:
  The main screen  

  Explanation of the accounting program
Basic options in the program
1- Stores
2- Suppliers
3- Purchases
4- Cashing out bills
5- Clients
6- Sales
7- Receipt of cash bills
8- Returns
9- Accounts
10- Account inquiries
11- Add expenses
12- Reports
13- Settings
14- About the program
Username and password for each user
  The business owner can follow up the users of the program and reports on each user separately, and also guarantees the confidentiality of the data and information of each user while giving powers to each user of the program, as there are those who have all the powers over the program, as well as there are others who are assigned some powers and cannot enter or modify outside the scope of their powers..

Accounting links  
  The program has a number of advantages, the most important of which is the automatic linking process that occurs between stores, sales, purchases, customers and suppliers, as well as accounting, as if a purchase or sale takes place on any product, the stores are directly affected by either increase or decrease. Returns pending.
  Items and stores reports   
  Reports can be made to know the movements that took place on certain items in the stores, as well as knowing the net profit from those products. The Headmaster program can deal with more than one store, as well as there are reports for the stores, and an inventory of the items in the store can be made at any time, and many other reports.

  View all accounts and know all revenues
  It is possible to follow up all the revenues in the company, as well as the Headmaster program.
Connectivity via the Internet  
  The Headmaster program can work in more than one branch in the world, so that the branches are linked through the international communication network (the Internet), so that the business owner at any time as well as anywhere in the world can view the program and follow up on the work of his company even if the company's device is closed.

  Program reports   
  1- Quick reports on each of the items in the stores.
2- Reports on the quantities dispensed from warehouses and branches in a specific period or on a specific day.
3- Reports on the quantities received in the warehouses in a specific period or on a specific day.
4- Reports of departments and types of stores.
5- Reports of customer categories and categories of each customer.
6- Reports of categories of suppliers and categories of each supplier.
7- Reports of items sold for free.
8- Sales reports for each department.
9- Representative sales reports for each department and representative sales reports for each item.
10- Reports on purchase orders.
11- Reports on transfers between stores.
12- Reports of item requests.
13- Reports on the validity of items.
14- Transaction reports (cash - bank account - KNET - Visa) or any other payment method for the company.
15- Reports for each user on the actions he has taken. 16- Reports on suppliers and customers and their account statements.
17- Reports on the sales of each cashier by time, items, prices, and the total of each invoice.
18- Reports on the sales items of each cashier.
19- Reports on purchases by time, items, and the total of each invoice.
20- Reports on purchases from a specific supplier.
21- A report on the purchases of a specific item.
22- Delivery reports.
23- Reports of transfers between branches.
24- Reports of purchase orders.
25- Analysis of sales of items.
26- Free sales reports.
27- Various other reports.
  General features   
  The Headmaster accounting program has many advantages such as the ability to deal with points of sale - the ability to deal with many databases such as Oracle, SQL, MYSQL and Access
  Unlimited technical support   
  If you are unable to deal with the program or any problem appears in front of you over the years that you use the program, we provide you with technical support available throughout the day to solve any problem you encounter immediately and in full readiness to receive calls and solve them to customer satisfaction
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