institutes and schools (HeadMaster)
  HeadMaster is one of the best accounting programs for Windows versions in the Arab countries, as it has been professionally configured to provide you with all uses in various commercial activities because it contains many capabilities and characteristics that make it better in managing all accounting works, because it is based on accounting rules that must be based on all Large and small institutions, and the conditions that must be met for the approval of the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority have been taken into account, as the acquisition of accounting software in your company has become necessary because of its great benefits in managing the business of any company, following up its accounts and providing accurate reports to assist decision makers in their work, and Most accounting programs have evolved to become more flexible to accommodate most of the existing activities from small activities such as managing a commercial store, i.e. large activities, and the prices of purchasing these programs have become within the reach of most companies, and here are some of its most important advantagesا 
  The main screen  

  Evaluation committee screen
options in the program
  This program is one of the best programs that manage all the work of the institutes and it contains the following
1- Student data.
2- Teachers data.
3- Study materials.
4- Introducing evaluation committees.
5- Attendance and departure.
6- Collection vouchers.
7- Follow-up and academic achievement.
8- Supervisors and students evaluation entry.
9- Bus subscriptions.
10- Human Resources.
11- Management reports.
13- Human resources.
14- Complaints from teachers.
15- Accounts (including the accounting cycle from entries to budget)
16- Introducing groups and remedial classes.

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