Projects and Contracting Program (HeadMaster)
  HeadMaster is one of the best accounting programs for Windows versions in the Arab countries, as it has been professionally configured to provide you with all uses in various commercial activities because it contains many capabilities and characteristics that make it better in managing all accounting works, because it is based on accounting rules that must be based on all Large and small institutions, and the conditions that must be met for the approval of the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority have been taken into account, as the acquisition of accounting software in your company has become necessary because of its great benefits in managing the business of any company, following up its accounts and providing accurate reports to assist decision makers in their work, and Most accounting programs have evolved to become more flexible to accommodate most of the existing activities from small activities such as managing a commercial store, i.e. large activities, and the prices of purchasing these programs have become within the reach of most companies, and here are some of their most important advantages
  The main screen  


  Username and password for each user of the program. So that the business owner can follow up the users of the program and reports on each user separately, as well as guarantee the confidentiality of the data and information of each user.
Project data  
  Entering the data of all the company's projects: All the company's projects and all the data of the projects that the company is establishing are entered. This data includes the following:
 Project name.
Contract value.
Contract date.
The end date of the contract.
And any other data related to the project.
  Administrative affairs of the company's employees   
  The program includes the company's administrative affairs, where the data of all employees and drivers in the company, salary data, overtime and deductions are entered, along with a comprehensive report on the employees' salaries.

  Company accounts
  The accounting items include the following:
 Accounts tree .
Manual entry work.
Special exchange bonds Account statement.
constraints table.
The company's receipt vouchers.
Profit and loss and balance sheet.
 Journal .
Search vouchers of exchange and receipt.
Search bonds.
And many other accounting items.
  The program generates many reports that will facilitate the accountant or business owner. It is also possible at any time to view the company's profits and losses. These reports are: -
1- Project reports Project contract value. The value of the payments that the company entered from this project. Project expenses. Project net profit.
2- Administrative affairs reports: Employee salaries. Employee absence reports. Discount reports. Advances reports.
3- Reports on accounts: - Making account statements for the company. Table revealed all constraints. Daily entry book. Trial balance reports, profits and losses, and the company's general budget.
4- And many other reports.

  We welcome your suggestions regarding any technical requirements to be added to the program
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