Clinics and Hospitals Program (HeadMaster)
  The Arab Software Company offers its program within the Head Master group of programs (Head Master program for clinics and hospitals), as the program includes all operations that take place in clinics and hospitals, as well as reports on all sales from operations within the institution. The program includes the accounting system for hospitals, starting from registration until The budget, as well as making an account statement for any of the patients or suppliers at any time, and the following is the technical presentation of the program
  The main screen  

Username and password for each user
  Username and password for each user of the program. So that the business owner can follow up the users of the program and reports on each user separately, as well as guarantee the confidentiality of the data and information of each user.
User permissions  
  Define users and give them powers: The business owner can give powers to each user of the program, as there are those who have all the powers over the program, and there are others who are assigned some powers and cannot enter or modify the windows that they were prevented from modifying or using.
  Linking accounting to clinics and stores the sales  
  Linking accounting to clinics, warehouses and the pharmacy (sales - purchases - store): A copy is installed in the pharmacy and linked to the accounts.
The pharmacy sales are automatically posted to the accounts. The accountant approves the sales and exports the entries automatically after approving the value of sales. In the case of purchases, all accounting entries are issued automatically after the approval of the administration or the accounting department.
And in this program, the clinics, stores, and pharmacy are linked with accounting, so that accounting can manage all these departments together or separately in one budget or several budgets for each department. Items and stores reports: The business owner can at any time know the movements that took place on certain items in the stores, as well as knowing the net profit from those products.

The possibility of setting a code for each of the clinic’s doctors and knowing the total sales of that doctor of medicines at the pharmacy and special reports for that.
It is also possible to manage the movement of items and transfers between stores and the pharmacy.
View all accounts and know all revenues  
  View all accounts and know all revenues: The employer can, at any time, follow up all revenues in the dispensary, as well as cash accounts, Visa Cards, KNET, as well as the Barter Card.

  Reports carried out by the program: The program makes many reports that enable the business owner and management to follow up on his work inside the dispensary. These reports are as follows:
1- Clinic reports so that the business owner knows the profits of each clinic separately.
2- Cash transaction reports - bank account - Knet - visa - parter code for each clinic separately.
3- Reports for each user on the actions he has taken or his own sales.
4- Reports on the most important diseases prevalent in a given period.
5- Special reports for delegates.
6- Reports on sales and purchases in a certain period or on a specific day.
7- Reports on suppliers and customers and their account statements.

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