Administrative Affairs (HeadMaster)
  The Arab Software Company presents its program within the Head Master group of programs (Head Master Administrative Affairs Program)
  The main screen  

  Accounts screen

About the program
  This program includes all data related to the employees of the company and how to deal with this data as follows - Enter workers data (file number - name - address - civil number - telephone - basic salary - ..........................)
- Entering the documents related to each employee (civil card copies - appointment papers and - the employee's traffic - ..........)
- Entering employee attendance and departure data
- The ability to search for any employee's data
- Make reports on any group of employees belonging to the same work
- Calculating the days of absence for each employee and making an automatic deduction from the salary
- Calculating delay times and deducting them from the basic salary
- Creating a special report for each employee containing (deductions - advances - deduction - delay - basic salary - due salary) at the end of each month - statement General salaries including (employee number - name - basic salary - total deduction - remaining - and at the end of the report total salaries, total deduction and total salaries due) - printing attendance and departure tables - making employee cards (called salary receipt statement)

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