Erpooo cloud systems
  The ERPOOO program is one of the best cloud accounting programs in the Arab countries, as it has been professionally configured to provide you with all uses in various commercial activities because it contains many capabilities and characteristics that make it better in managing all accounting works, because it is based on accounting rules that all institutions must be based on. Large and small, and the conditions that must be met for the approval of the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority have been taken into account, as the acquisition of accounting software in your company has become necessary because of its great benefits in managing the business of any company, following up its accounts and providing accurate reports to assist decision makers in their work, and we have Most accounting programs have evolved to become more flexible to accommodate most of the existing activities from small activities such as managing a commercial store, i.e. large activities, and the prices of purchasing these programs have become within the reach of most companies, and here are some of their most important advantages:

  Advantages of cloud accounting software
1- Saving time and human effort
2- Manage all branches at the same time
3- Speed in registration and deportation
4- Accuracy in results and free from errors
5- Preserving information from loss or damage
6- Information security
7- call centert for free
Saving time and human effort
  Through the accounting program, you can save the number of employees, because the accounting program plays many roles that employees play, and saves time to end all financial matters within the company.
Manage all branches at the same time  
The program is also an electronic cloud so that you can manage all branches at one time, where you can review the collected reports on all branches, in which there are all the accounting movements that have been made on all branches until the moment, which enables you to follow the course of work, moment by moment, in all branches of the company.
  Speed in registration and deportation   
  The main role of the accounting program is to work on the speedy completion of business and invoices for the user to save time and effort and serve the largest number of customers in a short time.

  Accuracy in results and free from errors  
  Through our accounting program, you can rely on accurate financial and accounting reports that clarify the general vision of the company or institution in order to make a plan to identify the weak aspects that need to be further worked on or review the work method and clarify all aspects that achieve the greatest benefit from the accounting program to assist in the development of the institution .institution .
Preserving information from loss or damage  
  Our accounting software can make backup copies, whether on the company's devices or outside the company via the Internet, in any cloud storage location, which saves information from loss.
  Information security  
  Our accounting program contains high levels of information security, as it contains different levels of dealing with information so that you can withhold certain information from some users, and make it available to others.

  We offer you to try the program for free for 14 days   
  You can go to To register a free account for a period of 14 days to try and see how the program works, its speed and ease of dealing

  Unlimited technical support   
  If you are unable to deal with the program or any problem appears in front of you over the years that you use the program, we provide you with technical support available throughout the day to solve any problem you encounter immediately and in full readiness to receive calls and solve them to customer satisfaction  
  Some features of the program   
  1- The Arabic program interface is easy to use for anyone who is able to manage your entire business
2 - Issuing sales invoices for any sale and printing them in seconds
3 - The program fully supports the value added tax
4- Supporting the VAT billing system
5- Registering an infinite number of product items by barcode according to weight, price, unit, dozen, piece or color at different prices.
6- Registering stores and appointing the user responsible for each store
7- Exporting and importing items from the Excel sheet 8- Inventory of stores using barcodes in the shortest possible time
9- Settlement of item quantities
10- Recording the value of assets, capital and perishable value
11- Manage each of the accounts, sales and purchases departments in detail
12- Connecting the branches on a single database
13- Prepare more than one detailed report to follow up the progress of work, including all sections of the program
14- Preparing the trial balance, the income statement, and the profitability report
15- Determine the powers of the users on the program according to their work as an accountant, cashier, or warehouse officer
16- Protection from tampering with the accounts and bills of the cashier's employees
17- Making sales and purchases invoices with a quick screen
18- The most important reports of sales and purchases on a daily, monthly or annual basis in seconds
19- Recording and archiving invoices and suppliers details
20- Registration of customers, suppliers, delegates and companies
21- Registering the transfer between stores
22- Display prices, issue receipts and record sales
23- Commodity prices are inclusive of (VAT)
24- Issuing sales receipts that comply with VAT requirements
25- Registration of safes, banks, checks, loans and advances
26- Supporting the account of bank loans and installments
27- The program works fully on the accounting cycle system
28- Strong protection and preservation of data and the possibility of retrieving it at any time and preserving it from theft
29- Supporting sending emails or SMS messages to clients
30- The price is very competitive compared to other programs
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